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Social Activities

Sree Maharshi Vidyalaya



“RASHTRAYA IDAM NA MAMA” is a charitable project which has been introduced by Sree Maharshi Vidyalaya since 13th Sep-2013. The main concept of this project is to bring awareness about the situation of the society among the children and to make them understand that human being is a social animal. It is our responsibility to help the needy and bring the downtrodden also to the mainstream of life. This is the fulfillment of the vision of our great Rishis, “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” and “Manava Seva Madhava Seva.”

Nearly three hundred children and 30 staffs are there in this project. Each one is distributed one coin box from the school in order to deposit one rupee coin every day morning before they start their studies or work by saying “Rashtraya Idam Na Mama” i.e. this is not for me, but for my country.

This project is a family aid programme aimed to support the poor families by providing them monthly pension, food items like groceries, vegetables and house hold necessities like cot, bed and bed sheets.

At present, we are taking care of five families, among them a mentally challenged person with a widow mother, two cancer patients and one eighty-year-old lady who lives alone in a hilly area. Students used to visit these houses every month to distribute the items, listen to their problems and try to find out a solution before their next visit. Well-wishers and the broadminded individuals have come forward to take part in our noble endeavour.