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Transcendental Meditation & TM Sidhi Program

Transcendental Meditation (TM) founded by H.H. Maharishi Mahesh Yogi is a simple, natural, innocent and effortless technique, which one has to practice 20 minutes twice a day before food. It can be practiced by any one from the age of 3 to any age irrespective of caste, creed, religion and gender without changing our life style, faith of dress codes. It is so simple because one has to practice only 20 minutes morning and evening by sitting in any comfortable position. It does not involve any kind of physical exercises, or concentration or contemplation. It takes 5 consecutive days about 1.30 hours in order to learn the TM technique. More than 600 scientific research has been conducted on this meditation program and some of the important findings are as follows.

Benefits for the mind

Reduces mental tension, worries and depression.

Increases mental potential like memory power, intelligence & Concentration.

Clarity in thinking and develops broader comprehension.

Strengthen the harmonious brain functioning.

Benefits for the body

Provides deeper rest than that possible in deep sleep.

Eliminates stresses and strains from the body and purifies the nervous system.

50% less need for medical care.

Reduces High B.P., heart ailments, Asthma, insomnia & allergies.

Benefits for behavior

Keep the mind always happy and fulfilled.

Develops positive thinking.

Develops harmonious behavior among the individuals.

Reduction in the use of alcohol, tobacco and other non prescribed drugs.

Benefits for the Society

Creates coherence in the collective consciousness.

Radiates positivity in the society.

Reduced rate of accidents, crime and hospital admissions.

Peace, happiness and prosperity among the individuals and in the world.

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