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Sree Maharshi Vidyalaya



Aiming at offering quality education and the needs and aspirations of our students and community we combine the curriculum with a variety of activities and courses in order to provide the best learning experiences to bring about desirable modification of behavior among the learners.

Daily Activities

9:15 AM Assembly

In this common assembly along with the prayer, Bhagavad Gita chanting, Subhashitham, news reading, thought for the day, recitation, pledge and National Anthem are included. Every year one chapter of Bahagavad Gita and 10 subhashithams will be learned by the students which develop positive thinking and helps them to improve their pronunciations.

9:25 A.M : Transcendental meditation

All the students will meditate together in the class room itself for 10 minutes.

9:35 A.M


10:55 A.M


11:05 A.M


12:25 P.M

Lunch break

According to the Vedic science food has a vital role in moulding one’s character. Therefore, it is very important that everyone should eat in a calm and positive atmosphere. In order to create such an atmosphere a prayer will be conducted before the lunch.

1:00 P.M


2:25 P.M


3:10 P.M


3:50 P.M

Prayer and meditation

Students leave the school at 4:05 P.M

Regular health check up sessions will be conducted twice in a year in both the systems, i.e., Ayurveda and Allopathy, and Health file for each student is maintained to record all his/her treatment history.

Study Tour: Taking the class room to the community, hands on experience, etc., are the often used terms in pedagogy. As a rule we try to put these into practice and have included the same in our curriculum. Every year we organize study tours - visit to places of academic importance for bringing the class room near to the community and thereby providing direct learning experiences to our students.

Environmental awareness programmes

Love for nature, the importance of conservation and preservation, a total awareness of the world in which we live and also the issues and challenges that we face related to our environment are the major concerns of present day life. We involve our students in activities related to environment by giving them the opportunities through club activities, observation of environmental day, distribution of saplings, guidance as to how to protect nature and develop a positive attitude towards the concept of living with nature.